After a cloudy start the clouds dissapated quickly

23 April 2008

After a cloudy start the clouds dissapated quickly and the sun shone for most of the morning. We all headed to the Fornet for a ‘maximum-turn’ session, which was greatly appreciated after the flat-light of late. We skied off the Laisinant, under the bubble (very good), Combe du Signal (superb), two Combe du 3300’s (slightly wind touched but still really nice), Pays Desert (same), and a Col Pers to finish. Chris went first and dropped out of sight and when he didn’t answer my radio calls I started to worry about him. I skied down over the dome and there h was below me swearing and poking around in the snow as his radio had flown out of its holder and landed somewhere in the deep snow. I called on mine to try to trace it but no audible clues could be heard. Finally I found it by dragging my pole through Chris’ track, which was a bit lucky. Anyway, we continued on to finish off an excellent morning of powder skiing. The forecast is for sun tomorrow followed by three or four hot days with June-like temperatures. Should be interesting!

Sports Report- What a match last night! Unless you are a Chelsea fan you had to feel for Liverpool giving up such a painful goal at the death. I hope tonight’s game is just as good and I’ve a feeling that Man U are really going to strut their stuff in the Nou Camp. Should be great!

PS Boy, I got that wrong! I’ve never seen Man U look so ordinary in attack. They were toyed with the entire match, showed absolutely no creativity, but bravo for hanging in there and keeping a clean sheet under intense pressure. They must have had some injury problems as Sir Alex’s team selection seemed a little strange to me but well done fellow-Calgarian Owen Hargraeves who played brilliantly out of position at right-back. Anyway, bring on next week’s re-matches!

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