An outstanding morning with wonderful snow and ambience !

13 April 2013

It snowed late yesterday afternoon and into the evening, followed by a good freeze before the skies cleared and it was ‘game on’ again today with fabulous snow and beautiful sunshine! After warming up off the Verte there was no doubt that the quality was equal to yesterday’s and feeling like a change of scenery we skied the meadows from the Borsat to the Grand Pre en route to a stunning Tour du Charvet. There wasn’t a track on the mountain and the top half leading to TJ’s Shoulder was superb, as was the ‘Shoulder’ itself, and from there down it was a little trickier but cracking good skiing nonetheless. We exited through the gorge to avoid the avalanche debris, which is quite substantial, and we were treated to a herd of chamois passing by. (Chris and Henry were not far behind) Next up was an excellent Marmottons, followed by a nice run off the Mattis, one off the Laisinant, one on the shoulder in the Combe du Signal, and a fantastic Col Pers top-to-bottom to finish. It was another outstanding morning savoured by one and all! (Thomas was skiing with a pal and they were in the neighbourhood having a terrific time, and Andreas was off this morning)

Ian and I talked Richard F into trying his first-ever Salade Pissenlis, which went down a treat with a shared bottle of Rose. (Don’t laugh Colin and Derek) It was a great ending to a wonderful morning and all I need now is 1 point or 3 against Southampton this afternoon to round off a perfect day. Come on you Hammers!

I’m not too sure about the forecast but we’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow. The photos are up and stay tuned!

PS I forgot to mention that we had a 102-turn pitch in the Col Pers. Brilliant !

PPS And what a great away point for the Hammers as they came from one goal down to equalise!

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