I thought it was a cracking morning !

16 April 2013

Radio Val reported a minimum temperature of 0 degrees at 2800 metres overnight, so we weren’t given many options this morning. After poking the snow on the top of Bellevarde my team of Blue, Mandy, Julian and David B were the first onto the Face du Bellevarde piste, which had the same sensation as perfect spring snow and we enjoyed it so much we circled back up for another run! From there we headed up Solaise and made our way to the Fornet via the Leissieres Express where we skied some nice snow on the way down to the Col poma. From the Col we hiked up for five minutes to access some great snow while Andreas and Thomas were arriving and skiing the opposite side and walking back up to the Pays Desert poma. We thought about going over the Col but after traversing to the Col and feeling how fragile the snow was already at that altitude, I decided not to go, which pleased Andreas as he didn’t want to go in the first place. Instead, we all had a brilliant run out wide in the Pays Desert followed by a cracking good run down on the piste. I thought it was a terrific morning with lots of mileage and pretty jolly good snow considering the lack of freeze. Mandy and Julian went off for a pissenlis salade but David announced that he doesn’t do salade, so I tried to bribe him like I do my children. And like my children he proved to be more than a little stubborn! Meanwhile, Chris was on piste with Tejina’s team and they had a great lunch at the Sachette, and I’m not too sure what Jean Marc was up to this morning.

Thanks John for supper last night and it was great to catch up with you, and Michele N is in town and will hopefully get some off-piste in later in the week.

Millie is feeling better and has joined Katie back at school this morning. Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow.

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