Repetitious but wonderful skiing !

17 April 2013

The main story at the moment (apart from what happened in Boston) is the incredible avalanche activity that’s going on around us. Today the risk was 3/5 moving to 4/5 between 10 o’clock and noon, and the afternoon slides are threatening roads and buildings. Yesterday the road to Bourg was closed for several hours after a massive avalanche covered the road around the dam, and a huge slide came across the road just above the Fornet cable car, which entertained all those enjoying their pissenlis salads, and just missed some berks who were walking along the closed trail late in the afternoon. Some of our best ‘classic’ spring slopes are dropping off and if we don’t get some negative temperatures there won’t be much left to ski.

As for today’s skiing it was similar to yesterday but we had another terrific morning after a slightly better freeze. My team skied the Face du Bellevarde while waiting for the Borsat to open, followed by a great run off the Jardin du Borsat Sud, then one above the Santons, another down the Face, one on the Mattis piste, one off the Laisinant, one in Henry’s Gulley in the Combe du Signal, and a cracking run in the Pays Desert followed by a fabulous piste blast to finish. It’s a little repetitious at the moment but damn fine skiing anyway, and with the weather it isn’t too hard to take!

It’s a big night at Upton Park as the Hammers take on Man United. We’ve played them tough so far this season, which could mean one of two things, first we’re due a point or three, or secondly we might be in for a tough night. Come on boys!

Gill’s having a tough time back in England as Katie came down with the gastro just as Millie was starting to feel better, and besides having sick children to deal with it’s making her work arrangements difficult. Good luck girls!

I’d like to say hello to Jean who is being missed by many and I know he’s missing the skiing, and to Ian N who just finished one of his best week’s ever!

We should have another lovely day with a minimal freeze tonight and 30 to 50cm’s of snow are forecast for the weekend. Look out!

PS Thomas had a great morning as well in the same neighbourhood with Bunny, Richard and Simon, while we crossed paths with Chris and Tejina throughout the morning too. Andreas was off but did some scouting in Tignes on his own, which was quite informative for tomorrow’s possibilities as a change of scenery is needed.

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