A cracking good 'bonus' day !

19 April 2013

The forecast for this morning was horribly miserable and when we arrived at the Gourmandine with bright skies and no sign of rain everyone knew we had a chance of a good ‘bonus’ ski. We had a decent freeze overnight and we started with some lovely spring snow in the Jardin du Borsat Sud followed by a cracking run down the Face du Bellevarde. From there we made our way to the Fornet via the Mattis piste, which was very good as well but by this time the cloud in the valley was swamping us and rapidly taking away our options. From the Laisinant to the Pyramid we needed to rely on the piste markers to navigate as the fog was seriously disorientating. The fog started to thin out as we climbed higher and we managed a nice run on spring snow in the lower Combe du Signal near Henry’s Gulley and then Chris and I teamed up for a Pays Desert hoping that the fog wouldn’t continue to climb and spoil our fun. The visibility was pretty good until the last slope when we dropped into the fog but the snow was absolutely wonderful right to the bottom. Henry came behind us by about 20-minutes by which time it had cleared leaving Henry a clear and fabulous run top-to-bottom. Nice one Henry as it was brave going out there not knowing if it would clear or not, and you got your reward! We finished off with a brilliant, dynamic piste ski as the snow was perfect, the piste was empty and David and Michele were egging me on. I thought it was a great morning, especially considering what the forecast had been, as we had some excellent spring snow and the pistes were perfect.

Andreas and Thomas were off this morning but Andreas was skiing with a friend and the last I heard they were enjoying a great lunch and a bottle of wine in Les Brevieres.

It’s drizzling in the village at the moment, which is great news as it will be snowing upstairs, and it is forecast to get colder. Stay tuned for some powder news tomorrow!

PS Andreas reported a terrific run in the Piste Perdue at 4PM with 5cm’s and counting. It’s looking good already for tomorrow!

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