Sixty centimetres to date and still snowing hard !

20 April 2013

Wow! Fifty, I repeat fifty centimetres of fresh snow fell last night and we went from wonderful spring weather back to winter in a flash! (See photos) Unfortunately too much snow dropped for this time of year and today’s skiing was pretty hard work for the most part. Everyone enjoyed the novelty of knee-deep snow in April but you could hardly turn in it unless it as fairly steep, and this depth of new snow will take ages of sunny weather to transform to spring snow. I don’t want to sound pessimistic because I’m generally an optimistic git but we’d have been much better off with 15cm’s that would have been beautifully ski-able this morning and would have transformed quickly back to spring snow once the sun came out. (The STVI had a staff party last night and nothing was pisted this morning and the Pisteurs didn’t start blasting until 8 o’clock, which led to a 10:35 opening, and all kinds of frustration) Andreas, Chris and Henry were all in action and all the boys made the best of the conditions, well done team.

It’s still snowing massive flakes still at 6:45PM but hopefully they’ll sort the pistes out for the morning and we should have a much easier time of it tomorrow.

I’ve a high school friend Andy, who I haven’t seen in at least thirty years, arriving to spend a few days with me. Andy and I played baseball, basketball, Canadian football, did the teenage drinking and worse, and worked together in the Lake Louise ski school together when we were 18-years-old. Next week is quiet and it will be fantastic to show Andy around and catch up on old times. Looking forward to seeing you Andy!

Sports Report- The Hammers didn’t see much of the ball but we beat Wigan 2-0 to guarantee Premiership football next season. Bravo Big Sam because I personally love you and all you’ve achieved in your career! And with clutch wins Sunderland and Stoke have made it very interesting for Villa who must be getting seriously nervous as Wigan are far from dead and buried. There’s nothing better than a relegation scrape once you’re safe!

I’ve survived my annual lunch with Blue and Nina so excuse me if I’m a little flowery with the update!

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