My first day off skis !

21 April 2013

I had my first day off skis this season and spent a little time packing and cleaning before going to the pool for a sauna, steam, and Jacuzzi. I must admit it felt a little strange wondering what Chris, Andreas and Henry were up to but it was good to relax and sort out a few things. After lunch I went up to Johnny Alpine’s to watch the Tottenham v City match, which burst into life after about 70 minutes, thanks John. Chris sent me some photos of today’s skiing and after a cold night the snow lightened up a little and it looked easier than yesterday. (See photos)

Andreas is starting his ‘Adventure’ week tomorrow so hopefully the weather will be kind to them as know one is too sure about how to deal with one metre of fresh snow at the end of April ! Sunshine and cold nights would be a good start. Good luck to all involved!

I’m waiting for my friend Andy to arrive and I’ll be skiing again tomorrow showing him around as it’s his first trip to Val d’Isere.

Hopefully we’ll get some decent vis so Andy can take in the views and get a taste for what this place is all about!

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