Welcome to town Andrew !

22 April 2013

My high school friend Andrew arrived last night and we had a great time catching up over a bottle of wine and supper. Andy looks just like he did 30-years or so ago and it’s fantastic having him here for his first-ever visit to our wonderful domain. It was looking a little glum at breakfast as it was grey and forecast to stay that way, but we decided to go and check out the conditions instead of starting later. We met Louise and our first test off the Verte wasn’t very encouraging but at the top of the Borsat we burst out of the clouds into clear blue skies and an absolutely stunning vista, with just the peaks protruding from a thick sea of cloud. Brilliant and what a first visual for Andy! Chris was just behind us and we dived into the Borsat Nord, which was excellent and deep powder, and when we dropped into the cloud it was just thin enough for us to navigate comfortably. (Thank god because it looked a little intimidating!) From there it was up the Funicular followed by a ride in the cable car and we had a terrific run in winter powder out near the summer t-bar and down to the Leisse chair. Next up was 113-turns on the Rosolin followed by a little ‘skin’ then two runs off the edge of the Genepy and Cairn. It was all much, much better than expected and Andreas, Chris and Henry were all in the neighbourhood doing variations off the Motte. (See photos)

It was forecast to clear this afternoon but it was nicer this morning and it has turned a little grey for the moment. (3:25PM) Sunshine is expected tomorrow and we’ll need to test the snow in the morning before really knowing what’s possible as it’s a tricky time after the big dump and very little direct sunshine to start the transforming process. Fingers crossed!

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