Simply Marvellous !

23 April 2013

Wow, what a fantastic day! After skiing Andy around the Motte yesterday I decided to take him up to the Fornet, and with great snow and outstanding slopes he was suitably impressed. We tested the snow off the Laisinant, which supported and had a nice texture, so we headed straight into the Grand Vallon for a few powder turns followed by excellent spring snow on some very imposing runs. (Millie’s Run, or otherwise known as Chez Henry) From there we had one in the Combe du Signal, and again because of the texture it was still lovely skiing without the heat of the sun. Then we hooked up with Chris and headed over the Col for a few powder turns followed by some warm powder before turning to clean spring snow the rest of the way to the bridge. It was still early enough so we ended up skiing three more runs in the Grand Vallon, which just got better and better with the warmth, before finishing off with a salade pissenlis at the Crozet. Andy couldn’t believe the views, the scope of the bowls and exposure of some of the slopes, and he was a busy boy with his camera all morning long. It’s wonderful when a boy from the Canadian Rockies is totally taken by our wonderful domain!

Meanwhile, Andreas has Cedric G from St Foy assisting him on his ‘adventure week’ and they had a fabulous time skiing the North Face of the Grande Motte a couple of times. It’s been years since I’ve been out there (back when Uncle TJ used to drag us out there) and it’s a very atmospheric and potentially intimidating place. Bravo boys and I’m sure Johnny Alpine will be telling us about it at football tonight!

Jean Marc is off tonight to the Refuge du Prariond with Jo H and her husband David, and this transformation will open up his possibilities and make for some brilliant touring.

I was very surprised about how quickly one metre of snow transformed without too much sun and after today’s heat the spring snow will really set-up giving us a couple of cracking mornings as two more days of sunshine are forecast.

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