Steep and perfect !

25 April 2013

After a clear night we had an excellent re-freeze, but with a temperature inversion there was a better freeze down low than on the top of the mountain. Chris and I were headed towards the Crete du Genepy but decided to not waste time ‘skinning’ and just get on with it as the snow texture was already ‘perfect’. We had a great ski down and needed to traverse some avalanche debris on the way out, and my team managed to ‘skin’ above it for some bonus snow after Chris had warned us what lay ahead. Thanks JC! From there my team skied a beautiful run in the Arcelle before ‘skinning’ up to the Col de la Madeleine for a stunning run down the middle of the steep slopes between the Arcelle and the Cugnai. The texture was perfect for everyone to feel comfortable and be positive as it can be intimidating if you get there a little early when the snow is still firm. We finished off working our way through the strips of snow in the Marmottons and Marmottes, which again was excellent all the way to the bottom. (The re-freeze at lower altitudes came in handy as the morning wore on) It was a brilliant morning of spring skiing and it’s always a treat to ski the big slopes of the Arcelle and Marmottons/Marmottes.

Meanwhile, Chris headed to the Fornet after the tour through the Charvet and he reported fantastic skiing up there as well. I’m not too sure what all he skied but he definitely had a good one over the Col Pers and down the ‘funky’ exit, which is always atmospheric. Andreas and Cedric took their teams to the Femma Refuge so we won’t hear from them until tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t great but we’ll wait and see. Andy’s four-day introduction couldn’t have been better as he’s enjoyed four totally different days with a change of sector, snow and scenery every day. Brilliant stuff and it’s been a pleasure seeing him again after all these years!

I don’t have anyone to ski with next week so I’m off back to England Saturday morning to visit my girls and play a round of golf before returning on the 2nd for my annual end-of-the-season ski with Derek and his crew. Meanwhile Chris and Thomas will be holding down the fort while I’m gone as Andreas is off to Morocco with Tansy after the Val d’Isere Invitational Golf Day. (They don’t call it ‘Open’ anymore after some rowdy behaviour forced the organizers into limiting the numbers and trying to chose the slightly less rowdy from the don’t-ask-back rowdy’s) Still, Richard Finlay has been asked to play!

Thanks for another great evening of food and football last night John, much appreciated!

PS Today was so good that had it been the last day of the season I’d have had a little cry and returned to England a very contented man. But the show goes on and we’ll try to do our best again tomorrow!

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