A good effort by all involved !

26 April 2013

It didn’t freeze last night and with grey skies and light drizzle it wasn’t the most inspiring morning, but everyone turned up and we made the most of it. Chris and I headed to the Pissaillas Glacier hoping for a freeze but it was raining lightly even at that altitude so we turned around and just skied piste all morning. It cheered up and the sun poked through occasionally and with the pistes feeling like spring snow we had quite a good ski. I finished off with a little technique and stopped at 12:45, which was a pretty good effort from Sylvie and Mark.

I was impressed with the efforts of many of the ESF instructors this morning as it’s the end of the season, the weather is rubbish, and yet they were working hard for their clients and doing a great job. Totally professional and bravo les Rouges!

Andreas and Cedric made it back from the Femma this morning after an early start. It wasn’t easy but they got the job done and everyone returned safely. Well done boys. JM is out there somewhere and I’m not too sure when he’s planning on returning.

Andy’s visit to Val d’Isere was rounded off last night as the ‘Screamer’ came out of hibernation and put on a quality performance. Andy looked shell-shocked this morning at breakfast saying he’s never heard anything like it in his life. Told you I wasn’t kidding! We had some great laughs this morning and Andy is now off home to Calgary via Lyon, Frankfort and Toronto.

I’m off in the morning and by the look of the forecast I’ve picked a good few days to be away. Check today’s photos as there is a real shocker of me at 17 years-of-age. Pretty scary stuff!

See you tomorrow afternoon girls!

PS I’ll post some updates from England and Chris may do the diary this week as he’ll be skiing every morning.

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