A cracking morning on the Pays Desert !

28 April 2013

Chris took Jean-Yves, Jenny and Tilly up to the Pays Desert and from the photos it looks like they had a jolly good morning. They had a little fresh snow to play with and a sunny start to the day but they finished the morning with light snow falling, which bodes well for tomorrow. So far in my absence the weather has been better than forecast and Chris is making the most of it. Meanwhile Andreas skied his last day of the season as he’s playing golf tomorrow followed by a trip to Morocco with Tansy.

Katie and I went to the golf course today and hit a few balls (badly), had a drink and shared some crisps, then finished off with a little putting. Millie’s unfortunately on crutches because of a heel problem known as severs syndrome and can hardly walk let alone run around and play. Poor little sausage is being brave but she’s pretty bored already and it’s only been a few days.

I return on Thursday afternoon with Paul W and Derek and I’ll be looking forward to the last three days of what has been a stunning season!

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