Well done Chris and team !

01 May 2013

It looks as if Chris’ only option was the Grande Motte again as the Fornet was socked-in and not very inspiring, but the Rosolin came through again with a clean canvas and some sunshine. Fay is back and it’s good to see Jean-Yves and Jenny are still skiing.

I’m meeting Paul, Derek and Peter C tomorrow afternoon in Geneva and I must say I’m a little worried as they’re very persuasive blokes and with the weather forecast I’ve the feeling they’re not really coming for the skiing! Ouch!

Henry has posted a very impressive avalanche shot taken of the Spatule, which has gone big-time. There is also a photo of Chris’ team standing in front of the debris on the photos of the day.

I played golf in shorts this afternoon under beautiful blue skies and it was a real pleasure. My new course is looking fantastic and I’m looking forward to getting the girls out playing.

Stay tuned for more skiing news over the weekend.

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