Your safety matters!

ABS air bag

Basics for your security

Each skier is supplied with an avalanche transceiver and is trained in its use and we insist that every skiers carries a backpack with a shovel and probe. ABS airbags are available for purchase or rent from Jean Sports where Alpine Experience is based.

Our guides are in radio contact have access to the local emergency services.
Dont forget that on the rear of your lift ticket also has the Sécurité des Pistes phone number.

For some years now Alpine Experience has been promoting the use of the ABS airbag-system. These backpacks have twin airbags, which are deployed by pulling on a ripcord-type release handle. The ABS airbags have been proven to effectively pull the victim towards the surface in an avalanche, giving them a much better chance of staying on, or near, the surface.

Maximising your enjoyment

Enjoying the off-piste safely is a top priority with Alpine Experience. Our goal is to reduce the risk while at the same time preserving the spirit of adventure and the quality of skiing.

We aim to have the best educated clientele in the Alps and we strive daily to instil good mountain awareness, procedures, and etiquette in our clients. But to achieve this we need your help!

All the guides at Alpine Experience are experts at assessing and managing the balance between finding good snow and safety. Your participation in acquiring avalanche awareness and basic off-piste safety skills is important in helping us to achieve this risk management balance.

Safety and Fun Requires Your Participation

Knowing that you have an understanding of the basic rules and skills of safety allows the whole group to get down to the business of good skiing right from the start of the morning!

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you attend at least one basic avalanche awareness talk and one afternoon on-snow safety session, run by Henry and his HAT team. This will both increase your enjoyment and safety of the whole group.

‘Safety is Freedom’

Henry’s Avalanche Talk (HAT), founded by Henry who has been associated with Alpine Experience for many years now, has been conducting avalanche awareness talks in Val d’Isère for over 20 years. HAT is now setting the standard for information and awareness on off-piste skiing and the HAT certificate is becoming a recognised standard for off-piste enthusiasts worldwide. HAT coined the phrase, ‘Safety is Freedom’ and anyone who has experienced a HAT talk or course will attest to their commitment to, ‘Having Fun and Being Safe!’.

Help us to insure enjoyment and safety for everyone who skis with ‘Alpine’ by joining a basic talk and course. For more information see HAT.

Wayne’s book ‘Off-Piste’

Wayne’s book, which is packed with safety information, is available in Jean Sports or through the HAT website.

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